Set of two 50cm Palm Leaves

Set of two 50cm Palm Leaves

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Artificial Palm Leaves
They are as realistic as a real Palm Leaves!

These Artificial Palm Leaves in a vibrant green shade make excellent display greenery and foliage from floral arrangements to aquarium usage.

  • x2 Artificial Tropical Palm Leaves 50cm in length;
  • Leaf section is approx 34cm long;
  • Leaf width is 17cm at its widest;
  • Brings a sense of freshness and nature to your home or garden;
  • Ideal for billing out decorative displays and Floral Arrangements.
  • Simply place into place and admire!

Faux flowers are easy to care for and long lasting – if they get dusty, a quick blast of a hairdryer on a cool, low setting will clean them and get them looking as fresh as the day they were bought. Faux flowers are also great value for money, giving months, even years, of enjoyment, rather than a few short days.