Decoden Cream Glue Drizzle Sauce

Decoden Cream Glue Drizzle Sauce

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Simulation cream glue drizzle also known as decoden glue.

This easy to use formula creates the cutest fake drip cream style. You can decorate many items such as phone cases easily and effectively.

Perfect companion to our cream piping glue.

Simply apply and add in your charms, sprinkles, gems etc.

Each tube comes complete with drip nozzle attached and some charms or beads as a gift.

Drying time, starts to cure after a 6 hours, fully dry within 48 hours in warm dry, conditions.

Various colours in stock

Please note, these are not edible and if you are making items to sell you must bare in mind food imitation laws.

Top tip, warm your tube in your hand for a few minutes and massage before use as this will help you pipe the glue easier when warm.